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Mountain bikes are simple recreational equipment’s but have a dynamic concept when it comes to use, maintenance and understanding the various parts and features. And how they work with each other to facilitate safe and exciting travel. Mountain bikes have been specially configured for use on mountain trails, unpaved surfaces, and single-track roads.


In essence, is that to exploit the full potential of your mountain bike, you should take it to a terrain that has rocks, steep grades, loose dirt, and roots among other debris. Welcome to BikeMountain.me where we explore everything mountain bikes. As mentioned earlier there is a lot that goes on, in the whole concept of the mountain bike other than the bike’s frame, the large knobby tires, and the powerful brakes.

For starters we have different types of mountain bikes, and which are the Fat bike, Enduro, All Mountain, Cross Country, Trail, and Hybrid. Each of these mountain bikes has been designed for use by a specific group of cyclists. For example, the trail bike is best utilized by inexperienced mountain bikers. Cyclists who need speed bikes should settle for Enduro and those who are into the long rides, then the cross country will suffice.

We also have the all-mountain terrain bike that can be ridden on any type of mountain terrain. And for extra grip and stability then the fat bikes can be quite convenient. The hybrid bikes are perfect for long distances and you can also use them on rugged terrain. At BikeMountain.me, we are passionate about providing you with comprehensive and latest information about mountain bikes.

Thus another thing that cyclists need to understand about mountain bikes is the types of suspension, a good number of mountain bikes are equipped with the hardtail suspension. And which is lighter and comes equipped with a front-only suspension. We then have the full suspension mountain bikes that have both the rear and front suspensions.

The above simply means that mountain bikes can easily absorb the impact experienced when riding on a rough terrain ensuring that you move faster while remaining comfortable. Lastly, we have the rare rigid suspension, and which means that the bike lacks a suspension system altogether.

Mountain bikes are made with different materials, some are made with aluminum alloy, which are stiff and can handle the rugged terrains more swiftly. There are those made with carbon fiber, a durable lightweight frame; lastly, there are those bikes that are made with steel, and which make cycling uphill a tad bit difficult because they are exceptionally heavy.

More information about mountain bikes has been consolidated at BikeMountain.Me, we believe you will enjoy reading the reviews as much as we enjoy preparing the information for you.