Best Bike Horns in 2022

Need the best bicycle horn that alerts others that a cyclist is around? No sweat because we’ve got all the information you need to find the perfect bike horn for your sweat-breaking rides. A good bicycle horn is an essential safety gear for any cyclist. And if you don’t consider its specs beforehand, you might not like how it works out later. Therefore, we’ve gathered the best bike horns to help you ensure that drivers will hear you coming and give you the space you need on the road. Whether you’re looking for a loud, attention-grabbing horn or something more subdued, you’re in the right place. Stick around to check out our guide to the best bike horns and get one that complements your two-wheeler!

Best Bike Horns in 2022 – Reviews

Here are some of the Best Bike Horns you can find on the market.

NAPASA Electric Bike Horn

A lot of people nowadays are joining the “go green” bandwagon. And why wouldn’t they? It’s great for the environment – plus, it saves you a ton of money in the long run. However, staying safe and alerting others when you’re biking is quite tricky – you need the best equipment for that. And that’s what the NAPASA electric bike horn promises. Being one of the best bike horns means this fellow will make your rides securer, regardless of the trail you’re on!





●     4 Sound Modes

NAPASA’s electric bike horn comes with 4 sound modes that you can quickly switch between. No worries if you need a gentle beep to alert others of your presence or a loud blast to clear the way, this horn will always come in handy. Plus, with the simple push of a button, you can cycle through the different sounds until you find the one that’s just right for the biking situation.

●     Quick-Remove Rubber Strap

The NAPASA electric bike horn is an effortless way to signal your presence on the road. The quick-remove rubber strap makes installation a breeze, and the powerful horn is sure to get the attention of any nearby cyclists or pedestrians. Since this rubber strap can easily fit any bike handlebar, you don’t have to worry about the installation process. Snap open your NAPASA bike horn, wrap it around the handlebar, and off you go!

●     Built-in Boost Circle for Loud Sound

The NAPASA electric bike horn is no ordinary horn. Not only does it produce a loud, 100-120 decibel sound, but it also has a built-in boost circle for even louder output. That means you can get the attention of other cyclists, pedestrians, and even cars when you need to. So, ditch those old, weak bike horns and upgrade to this hands-on electric bicycle horn today. Your fellow cyclists will thank you for it!

●     Suitable for Most Bike Handlebars

The NAPASA electric bike horn is an excellent option for those who need a quality, durable horn. Its waterproof build makes it ideal for all weather conditions, and its universal design means that it will fit most bikes. In addition, the NAPASA electric bike horn is extremely loud, making it ideal for busy city traffic.

Key Features

Loudness: 100-120db

Horn weight: 40g

Material: ABS+PC

Battery: 280mAh lithium battery


  • Quick-remove rubber strap
  • Built-in boost circle for impressive sound quality
  • 4 sound modes
  • Waterproof design
  • Drop and dust resistant


  • The detachable silicone band is cumbersome

On a leisurely ride or pedaling hard to make it to your destination? The NAPASA electric bike horn will always help you stay safe on the road!

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SOWUNO 126 Db Bicycle Electric Horn

SOWUNO is a new player in the world of electric horns and is quickly making a name for itself with its innovative design. The SOWUNO bicycle electric horn is unlike any other horn on the market, and it’s sure to make a big impression on cyclists. With its sleek design and powerful sound, the SOWUNO horn will surely turn heads and get people talking.






●     Anti-Theft Vibration Alarm

The SOWUNO bicycle electric horn is capable enough to deter would-be thieves. The anti-theft vibration system is activated when someone pushes or shakes your bike, and the loud alarm will quickly scare them off. With this feature, you can rest assured that your bike is safe and sound, no matter where you leave it. If you want to keep your bike secure at all times, the SOWUNO bicycle horn will be your good friend.

●     Remote Control Locking & Unlocking

The SOWUNO electric horn has a remote-control locking and unlocking system, so you can keep your bike locked up tight when you’re not using it. Although this locking system doesn’t beat the bike locks, it’s suitable for occasional bike safety.

●     High Decibel Sound

Picking from the best bike horns gets easier when you trust SOWUNO – this brand knows its game and produces high-quality biking tools. This sturdy aluminum horn produces a loud 126db sound, making it one of the best on the market. Additionally, the sleek design will complement your bike if you want a reliable, stylish horn.

●     1-Click Bike Search

With the SOWUNO bicycle horn’s 1-click bike search feature, you can quickly locate your parked bike and save time. Simply press the button on the remote control, and the horn will produce a sound, so you can locate your bike in no time. This savvy feature helps when you’re in a crowded parking lot or busy street. Never lose your bike again with this handy accessory, and stay relaxed knowing that you have one of the best bike horns!

Key Features

Loudness: 126db

Horn weight: 0.55kg

Material: Aluminum

Battery: 1600mAH rechargeable battery


  • Sturdy aluminum build
  • Anti-theft alarm
  • Waterproof design
  • 1-click bike search
  • Impressive loudness


  • Its installation can be tricky

So, stay safe out there, and ensure you’re equipped with the SOWUNO electric horn!


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Rock BROS Electra Bike Bell

A good bike bell is crucial for any cyclist, and the Rock BROS Electra Bike Bell is among the best on the market. The Electra is easy to install and comes with a handy mounting bracket that attaches to any size handlebar.





●     Easy Installation

Do you hate fiddling with tools and following complex instructions to install a bicycle horn? Well, luckily for you, the Rock BROS bike horn is the easiest to install on your bike’s handlebar. You strap it on, and that’s it – no tools or skills needed. If you need a quick way to add a horn to your handlebar, the Rock BROS bicycle horn will suit you the best.

●     Sleek Build for Hassle-Free Operating

A primary characteristic of the best bike horns is that they never disturb you when you want to shift gears or press brakes. And that’s what this bicycle horn does too. The Rock BROS bike horn is sleek and unobtrusive, sitting discreetly on your handlebar. The compact design won’t take up much space, and the easy-to-use build means you can get on with your ride without any hassle. The horn is also super loud, so you’ll always get noticed when you need to.

●     Water and Dust Resistant

The Rock BROS bike horn has a silicone body, making it resistant to dust and water. This is a great feature because it means you can take your horn with you on any adventure without worrying about it getting damaged. Whether mountain biking in the rain or riding through a dusty desert, your horn will still work perfectly. And if you ever do get caught in a downpour, simply wipe off the water and continue on your way.

●     Three Ringtones – Changeable with One Button Press

This Rock BROS buddy is one of the best bike horns on the market because of its loud, attention-grabbing sound and its three different ringtones. No worries if you need the traditional horn sound, something a bit more cheerful, or an environmentally-friendly option, the Rock BROS has you covered. And changing these ringtones is easy – press and hold the button to cycle through the options until you find the one you like best.

Key Features

Loudness: 90db

Horn weight: 51g

Material: Silicone

Battery: Replaceable lithium-ion battery


  • Compact build
  • Durable silicone cover
  • Comes with three ringtones
  • Quick installation; no tools needed
  • Water-resistant and dust-proof design


  • Flimsy button

If you need a discreet and powerful bicycle horn, get your hands on this Rock BROS silicone bell!


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DAWAY A14 Loud Electric Bike Horn

Biking is the smartest way to get around. It’s environmentally friendly, good for your health, and can be faster than driving in traffic. But one of the downsides of biking is that cars often don’t see you. That’s where the DAWAY loud electric bike horn comes in. This horn is designed to help drivers sense your presence when you’re on the road. With a loud honk, the DAWAY electric bike horn will ensure you’re noticed.





●     Separate Control Switch and Horn

The DAWAY electric bicycle horn is a bicyclist’s dream come true. This sleek bicycle horn has a separate control switch and horn. Such a design means that you can position the horn in front of your bike and its button somewhere more accessible, so you don’t have to move your hands to press it. This makes it easy to honk at any passing car or pedestrians without taking your hands off the handlebar, keeping you well-balanced.

●     5 Sound Modes

The DAWAY electric bicycle horn has 5 sound modes, so you can press its red button to choose the one that suits your situation. Whether you want to be heard from a distance or make a gentle statement, this horn will cover you. Its five sound modes are:

  • Low and mellow
  • Medium and clear
  • High and penetrating
  • Extra-high and sharp
  • Mega-loud and attention-grabbing

Thanks to these diverse sound modes, you can always find a reliable way to alert others that a bike is approaching. Also, multiple sound modes help you quickly inform fellow cyclists during a race or bike trail!

●     Universal Bicycle Horn – Compatible with All Handlebars

The DAWAY electric bicycle horn is universal and compatible with all handlebars, making it an excellent option for any bicycle. The IP4 waterproof rating means that this horn will work well in all weather conditions, and the loud sound will help to make sure that you are always heard. With so many great features, it is easy to see why DAWAY is rated one of the best bike horns by riders!

Key Features

Loudness: 110db

Horn weight: 68g

Material: Plastic

Battery: 2AAA batteries


  • IP4 waterproof build
  • 5 sound modes
  • Ergonomic switch positioning
  • Quick sound shifting
  • Compatible with all bikes


  • The battery cover is not so sturdy

For a top-quality electric bicycle horn experience, look no further than the DAWAY!

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T TENDTOP 125dB Electric Loud Bike Bell

The T TENDTOP electric loud bike bell is a must-have for any cyclist. This bell is easy to install and can be fitted to almost any bike, making it a savvy safety accessory for cyclists of all levels



●     4 Sound Modes

The T TENDTOP bicycle horn is not your average bike horn. In addition to the standard “honk” sound, it has three other modes that will get attention without sounding like an angry truck driver. There’s the “siren” mode for when you need to clear a path, the “bird” mode for a more pleasant sound, and the “alarm” mode for when someone is getting too close for comfort. You can promptly shift between these sound modes according to the trail/situation and always be seen.

●     Anti-Theft Function

The T TENDTOP bicycle horn is not only loud and well-built, but it also has an anti-theft function. If anyone touches or pushes the bike, this horn will emit a rapid and continuous loud alarm, alerting you to the potential danger. When you’re biking in a busy city, this horn can give you peace of mind that your bike is protected from thieves.

●     High-Quality Sealed Plastic Construction

The T TENDTOP bicycle horn is perfect for anyone who wants a reliable and durable horn. Its high-quality sealed plastic construction ensures that the horn will withstand any weather condition, and the sleek design is sure to turn heads. If you want to add a bit of style to your bike and the safety aspect, a T TENDTOP bicycle horn will suit you.

●     IP5 Waterproof and Shock-Resistant Build

T TENDTOP bicycle horn is rated IP5 waterproof and has a shock-resistant build, meaning it can withstand some pretty tough weather conditions. When you’re cycling in the rain or riding through a puddle, this horn will keep you safe. And if you happen to hit a bump in the road, no problem! This horn can take a beating and keep on going.

Key Features

Loudness: 125db

Horn weight: 36g

Material: Plastic silicone

Battery: 200mAh lithium battery


  • IP5 waterproof
  • Shock and dust-proof design
  • Sensitive trigger burglar alarm
  • Non-obtrusive build


  • Feels difficult to turn off

Riding through the park or trying to make your way through a crowded city street, the T TENDTOP bicycle horn will always feel elite!

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Rounding Up

With that, our overview of the best bike horns comes to an end. The best bicycle horn will depend on your preferences and the two-wheeler you own. However, all the bike horns we’ve reviewed are reliable and effective, so you can’t go wrong with them. Whether you’re looking for a simple, no-frills design or a flashy, attention-grabbing horn, explore the options we’ve listed above, and you’re good. So go cycling and trust your bicycle horn to honk when a situation arises!



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