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Gazelle Ultimate C380+ Review

Source: Gazelle Bikes

Dutch brand Gazelle Bikes continues to expand its excellent award-winning line of e-bikes with the Ultimate C380+ HMB. The Royal Dutch Gazelle is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality and comfort-oriented electric bikes. The Gazelle Ultimate C380+ is one of the latest additions and may very well be the most comfort-oriented e-bike we have seen yet.

This review will cover what the Gazelle C380+ offers, its specifications and features and if this Gazelle bike is worth buying. Read on to find out!


First, let us go over the key specifications at a glance:


  • Weight: 55.6 pounds,
  • Brake system: hydraulic brakes, 4 piston
  • Wheel size: 28″
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Frame types: high step, mid-step
  • Handlebars: aluminum, slightly curved
  • Max speed (mph): 28 mph
  • Torque: 85 Nm
  • Battery type: Li-ion, 500Wh
  • Charge time: 4 hours
  • Motor: BOSCH system with a Performance Line Speed motor, 250W


A Quick Introduction

The Ultimate C380+ “HMB” model can be immediately recognized by the three letters in the model name. H means hybrid, suitable for both on-road and off-road riding experiences, the middle “M,” meaning the location of the engine is in the middle, and the B indicates the BOSCH electrical system. Hybrid M here indicates that by placing the engine closer to the pedals, you can enjoy more road traction and optimized maneuverability.


The C380+ HMB, without a doubt, has some solid features at first sight, which may make the “Ultimate” title seem appropriate enough. Starting with the max speed, this is a class 3 e-bike that can take you up to 28 mph – this is the fastest class of e-bikes available today that don’t fall into the motorbike category. But aside from the speed, you will identify plenty of other features.


Gazelle Ultimate C380+ Features

Let’s now discuss the features of the hot-selling Gazelle electronic bike in detail.

Build & Design

The Gazelle C380+ is a sort of cross between a comfortable touring bike and an urban riding bike. It features a sleek cut design, an exquisite frame to hold everything in place, a front suspension, ergonomic grips, and an upright posture – all needed for a truly sophisticated design.


§  The Bike Frame

The frame itself is built using high-grade aluminum with a matte gray finish and is available in both high-step or mid-step frame shapes. The high-step frame is a stronger frame configuration from an engineering perspective, whereas the mid-step frame is a sort of cross between the high-step and low-step types, geared towards shorter riders or individuals with mobility issues. The frame is further available in 3 different sizes, 46, 53, and 57.


§  The Battery

The aluminum downtube further houses the 13.4 Ah battery, enabling a lowered center of gravity and a more pleasant and stable riding experience. This battery is powered by the mid-mounted Bosch Performance line speed motor that provides up to 85 Nm of torque and provides the class 3 pedal assist up to 28 mph.  The Performance Line engine is ideally meant for longer trips and more varied terrain, according to Gazelle Bikes.


§  Control System

As for the control system, you’ll find a neat squared black, and white display on the left handlebar, a mounted headlight in the front and rear center, and a handlebar shifted for the trekking hub system.

The display will show you the four power modes: eco, touring, sport, and turbo. You can adjust the driving style as you wish, regardless of the terrain you are riding or the weather conditions. It further has full mudguards and metal belt guards that will help keep your pants clean.


Gear Transitions

Instead of using a traditional drivetrain, the C380+ HMB is fitted with a carbon gate belt drive and a seamless Enviolo shifter. The Enviolo rear hub system is designed to be simple and requires little to no maintenance.  These hubs are fully sealed and weather resistant, require no oil changes, and offer step-less shifting, all making for a smooth riding experience.

So if you were to switch gears suddenly with a twist of the handlebar, you would find little to no resistance as no chain system has to step through gears. This also means you won’t have to deal with de-mucking your bike’s chain after every few rides, no worrying about any fussy derailleurs, and no greasy chains to maintain.

How would this look practically? The next time you are met with unusually heightened terrain, you can shift gears without pushing through the first few feet for a smoother transition, and your bike will do the hard work for you. Want to change gears in the middle of a hill? Now you can, seamlessly and smoothly.


Transitions are smooth on Gazelle Ultimate C380+, noted. But what about the riding experience?

The Ultimate C380+ HMB is actually more popular for its smooth riding experience.

  • It features puncture-resistant e-bike Schwalbe Energizer Plus tires.
  • A Selle Royal Essenza Plus seat
  • An Axa Defender café lock that immobilizes the rear wheel when you snap it shut.
  • An internal fork front suspension system to keep the design as stable as possible even on tough terrain.

As you may recall, this is a pedal-assist Gazelle ebike, meaning it won’t run completely on electric power. Instead, it will engage the electric motor to amplify your pedal power, so it reduces the effort you have to make while pedaling. It also comes with built-in pedal force sensors, rotations sensors, and speed sensors to assist you. Whether you are riding downhill, on a dirt road, or out on the streets, you’ll find the bike offering you steady support all the way. Its sensors will offer power precisely when you need it.

And we can’t forget how fast this Gazelle electronic bike actually lets you go. The BOSCH Performance line motor offers up to 85 Nm of torque combined with pedal assist and offers you speeds of up to 28 mph. If you are on a flat stretch of road, you will find the bike simply flies by with ease. The Shimano hydraulic brakes also aid in offering more control and safety.

You will also appreciate the carbon fiber belt drive a lot more when riding this Gazelle ebike and shifting gears. It is completely silent in action, with no clicking or clacking to distract you. The riding experience is so smooth you will find it difficult to go back to other ways of commuting.

Gazelle Ultimate C380+ Price

The Ultimate C380+ HMB is now available for the price of $4,999. You can make your purchase from the official Gazelle Bikes website here.


  • Incredibly durable, stable build with two frame styles, great suspension fork, and good battery capacity.
  • Gates carbon belt drive system for a smooth, seamless riding experience, low maintenance with low noise
  • Bosch performance line speed motor and controller systems for easy gear shifting and impressive speeds (up to 85 Nm torque, 28 mph speeds)
  • The motor and battery are integrated at a lower center position for improved stability and maneuverability.
  • Easy and simple to use display
  • Upgraded Shimano hydraulic disc brakes allow for smoother and quicker braking
  • Ergonomic grips for more comfortable riding
  • 2 years comprehensive warranty, up to 10 years warranty for the frame.


  • The key must be left in the lock while riding; it can only be removed if the cafe lock is activated. If you were to stop your bike, you’d have to lock it or risk someone tampering with it.
  • The Gazelle C380+ may fall on the heavier side for some, especially compared to other Gazelle models, a total of 55.6 pounds.
  • This Gazelle bike does in no way offer cheap features, but some may find the price tag to be too expensive. This isn’t the bike for you if you are looking for something under a budget.


Who should buy the Gazelle C380+?

The Gazelle C380+ is a perfect e-bike for those that seek a city-oriented electric bike, use it for their daily commute, or simply run errands. It is equal parts sporty, meaning you can also take it out on more rough terrains; it won’t mind you going for a bit of adventure. Primarily it is best suited for urban streets.


Do Gazelle Bikes Offer Any Warranty For The Model?

Yes, Gazelle Bikes is known for offering up to 10 years of warranty on materials and manufacturing defects for their frame. You will also get a 5 years warranty for the fork and paint job and a 2 years warranty for the display, the motor, the battery, and other parts.


Final Takeaway

What are our final thoughts? The C380+ HMB is a fantastic luxury line model. You’ll find it perfect for all types of commutes, to and from work, running errands, or for a good old afternoon ride. It is fun to ride, offers a smooth experience on all types of terrains and weather, and features a sturdy design.

There are some rare weaknesses we could identify. The major one is its massive price tag. But if you are serious about changing the way you travel, wanting to reduce your driving time, or simply shifting to the bike riding experience, Gazelle Ultimate C380+ will do rather nicely.

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