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Lynskey GR300 Titanium Gravel Bike review

Gravel bikes are capable of handling much more cycling activities compared to the typical road bike, and the Lynskey GR300 titanium gravel bike is among them, proving an interesting option if you want a versatile cycling experience.

Cyclists that love adventure and gravel rides will love the Lynskey GR300, as it aims to tick all the boxes you want – bikepacking, rugged commuter, gravel, and road cycling, while maintaining a smooth finish every time. You will find it hard to argue with the benefits it provides in terms of a good accessory and bottle mounting selection, nice details, and generous tire clearance.

Lynskey GR300 Titanium Gravel Bike review and breakdown

In many ways, the Lynskey GR300 titanium bike is an excellent option for multiple conditions, with its build making it suitable for all-weather use and on multiple road surfaces. Its design is also beautiful and offers plenty of opportunities for customization, but the price tag can easily put you off from considering it.

The company builds its frames partially and ships them to you when you purchase it, with the option of choosing the routing you prefer – internal routing is the default, but they also allow you to go for external routing as per your preferences. Regardless of the customizations you want, the details are stunning, while the frame and carbon fork are connected through a zero-stack upper and headset cup set.

What we liked

  • Large tire clearance
  • Very smooth cycling performance
  • Beautiful finish and customizable frame

What we did not like

  • Very expensive
  • You will have to purchase some of its components separately


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Lynskey GR300 Titanium Gravel Bike specifications

Specifications Lynskey GR300
Wheel size 700c x 45mm or 27.5 x 2.1 inches
Seatpost diameter 27.2mm
Mounting (front derailleur) 34.9mm
Type of brakes Flat mount disc brake system
Rear spacing 142mm Thru Axle
Does it have fender mounts? Yes
Does it have rack mounts? Yes
Frame mounts 3 water bottle mounts, 1 mount in the top tube
Availability Check price here

Lynskey GR300 Titanium Gravel Bike features


The bike’s frame is comprised of titanium, and you have the option of either using the internal routing design or the external routing design. Both options are easy to implement, although choosing external routing will require you to make the adjustments yourself or having Lynskey do it for an additional fee.

Getting the frame guarantees you will get the fork in-built into the frame as well as the headset, but the company does not ship the headset spacers – you will have to purchase them separately if it is a priority for you.

The frame gives you a wide range of options for bags and mounting racks, and it allows you to use it in all-weather conditions due to the mudguard mounts. The frame itself has an aura of class in its appearance, as the tubing is neatly engraved and instantly gains cool points.

It has a hydrofoam appearance in the tubes, while the junction at its head tube section is wide enough to extend across the bottom bracket – this aims to give additional comfort as you cycle.


The geometry on the bike is meant to handle adventure biking, with its performance aspects shining when using it on loose terrain. Its tire clearance is for 700c x 45, or tires with a width of 27.5 x 2.1 inches, so you can trust it to move easily across multiple surfaces comfortably.

The titanium tube is its signature point, with the tubeset specifications coming in at 3AL – 2.5V. This allows for better comfort levels, durability, stability during cycling, and improved responsiveness. The combination of a short stem and long reach is absent here, unlike what you may find in mountain bikes, but it has a reach ranging from 37 to 40 mm, making it suitable for most cyclist height ranges.

The stem is customizable, although we did not like the absence of headset spacers. Despite that, you will find its stack normal for your height, except if you are very tall (beyond 6 feet).


The performance we noted from the Lynskey GR300 bike is all we needed from a gravel bike. The tires are chunky as we expected, but your movements will remain smooth throughout your use. The compliance to the rear-end design is quite useful for enhancing comfort as well, thanks to the seat tube length (between 45 and 55mm) and the seat angle (71 degrees).

The bike also has the feel of a road racing bike, so it will work well for paved roads and surfaces, and you will notice its stiffness when pedaling. All of these factors contribute to a versatile bike that performs well under most conditions.

Who is it best suited for?

This bike will work best for the rider who loves adventure and wants a versatile bike to handle gravel and road cycling, whether that is within one day or several subsequent days. Its smooth titanium finish also adds to its premium design and durability.

Are there alternatives to the Lynskey GR300 Titanium Gravel bike?

We like the aerodynamic and light dynamics of the Cervelo Aspero-5 Red eTap AXS 1 bike, thanks to its focus on winning gravel races. For cyclists that love the classic gravel bike, the Ribble CGR Ti provides that but with a modern twist, while the Boardman ADV 9.0 gives you excellent value for your money – although it lacks a 650b option, unlike the other two bikes.

Features of alternative gravel bikes

Bike Aspero-5 carbon gravel bike Ribble CGR Ti RX810 gravel bike Boardman ADV 9.0
Frame material Carbon frame 3Al/2.5V triple butted titanium C10 carbon frame
Head tube 21.4 cm 14 to 21 cm 12 to 18 cm
Head angle 72 degrees 72 degrees 71.5 degrees
Seat angle 73 and 74.5 degrees 72.5 to 74 degrees 73 degrees
Check price here Check price here Check price here

Verdict: So, should you buy the Lynskey GR300 titanium gravel bike?

If you are planning to use it for off trail biking, it is excellent for that. Its titanium frame makes it slightly heavier compared to the usual carbon or steel frame bike, as well as offering great performance overall.


What is the torque spec I need for the saddle clamp rail on the GR300 seatpost?

You can tighten the clamp between 15 and 17 Nm, although the insert states the specs that can work with carbon seatposts (8 to 12 Nm).

How can I adjust the saddle on my Lynskey GR300 bike?

You will need to gradually remove the screw that holds the seatpost’s wedge system, then use a rubber mallet to strike above the saddle’s nose gently.

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